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Education Committee

Education Committee

The primary purpose of the EPIC Education Committee is to facilitate and promote year-round educational offerings to the EPIC Community, including religious and vocational. All programs at EPIC will be evaluated by the EPIC BoD and all religious programs will require approval by the Imam.

The Goals and Objectives of the Education Committee are:

  1. The Committee will maintain a portfolio of all Educational Programs at EPIC.
  2. The Committee will propagate EPIC Educational Programs and communicate related information.
  3. The Committee will identify, propose, evaluate and recommend new educational programs (religious and vocational) that fit EPIC’s vision and mission.
    The Committee will work with pertinent people and organizations to arrange and organize any new educational programs and events.
  4. The Committee will not schedule or commit to any programs without the permission of EPIC BOD.
  5. The Committee will not get involved in any monetary dealings or business agreement on behalf of EPIC.
  6. The Committee will work with the Imam, BOD and other EPIC committees, if needed, to implement programs and conduct events.
  7. The Committee will develop a standardized and viable system of soliciting feedback for Education Programs.
  8. EPIC BOD or Imam may seek the Committee’s assistance for any existing or future programs. The Committee would work for such events or programs only in the capacity that is authorized by the BOD.
  9. Unless prohibited by the BOD for any program, the Education Committee should a. Report to BOD the deficiencies and shortfalls of any educational program at EPIC. b. Recommend to BOD the improvements and changes to any educational program at EPIC.
  10. EPIC Education Committee would not get involved in the following Programs unless authorized or asked by the BOD to do so.
    1. EPIC Sunday School.
    2. Quran Hifz Program
    3. Quran Nazira Program for Children
  11. The Committee shall not get involved in any way with any program conducted by EPIC Imam unless specifically asked to do so by the Imam or the BOD.

Currently, the following educational programs are offered at EPIC:

  • Sunday School
  • Full Time Hifz School
  • Evening Quran Classes (Nazira)
  • Quran Tajweed
  • Quran Tafseer
  • Arabic Language
  • Lectures after Isha and Fajr prayers
View the updated schedule. To volunteer for the EPIC Education Committee, click here.

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