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EPIC Ruqyah Center

Welcome to the EPIC Ruqyah Center (ERC). We deliver Ruqyah services that adhere strictly to the principles of Shariah for spiritual healing using Quran and Sunnah. Our approach to Ruqyah is centered on educating and empowering the patients to establish self-Ruqyah and reliance on Allah alone. In addition, we draw upon the invaluable insights gained from our practice to research, train, and scale all under the guidance of experts in this specialized field. At ERC, we strongly advocate for an interdisciplinary approach, fostering partnerships with religious leaders, health experts, including Psychiatrists and Mental Health therapists. This collaborative effort enables us to comprehensively address the needs of our patients to healing and well-being.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, the one who guided us to this righteous path and for sending us beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him, his family, companions), and all those who follow him till the day of judgment.
At the EPIC Ruqyah Center (ERC), our paramount objective is to attain the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by reviving the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our mission is to promote and practice Ruqyah Shariyah and aid those who are afflicted.

This objective shall be realized through the implementation of the following actions:

May Allah help, protect and guide all those who are afflicted, those who stand for their help and make us successful in this mission.


Service Overview

Type of Issues we work with

Magic (As-Sihr), 
Jinn Possession (Al-Mass), 
Evil Eye (Al-Ayn )
Jealousy (Hasad)

Who we serve

Couples & Families


All who believe the power to cure is with the creator ( Allah ) alone.

Service Catalog

Service Type
Ruqyah Consultation
Submit Patient Form, Accept Service Terms & Conditions, Signed Waiver 
In Person | Phone
30 min
Service Description
Ruqyah Practitioner will address questions associated to Ruqyah treatment and provide advice. Individuals seeking counsel on self Ruqyah treatment may use this service.
Service Fee
Service Type
Ruqyah Consultation
Submit Patient Form, Accept Service Terms & Conditions, Signed Waiver 
In Person
55 min
Service Description
Raqi will review your symptoms through Q/A. Based on your condition,  Recite Ruqyah from Qur'an & Dua and may prescribe a treatment plan. Individuals seeking treatment for ailments including symptoms of Magic (As-Sihr), Jinn Possession (Al-Mass), Evil Eye (Al-Ayn) & Jealousy (Hasad) may use this service. ( Ruqyah Consultation service is not a required prerequisite )
Service Fee
Service charges are per person and are billed in the increments of 55 min slots. For each session the following fee schedule will apply. First 55 min : $125.00 (Per-person) For each increment of 55 min : $100.00

Request Service

To initiate a service request, complete the steps below

Step 1: Submit the Patient form.

Step 2 : Request Appointment

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Reviews Summery

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Mashallah Rare Gems In USA

Rated 5 out of 5
August 23, 2023

Assaomloaikum WRB brothers & sisters! Subhanallah I’ve been inflicted with sihr (given through food/stomach) followed by jinn possession in head, stomach, eyes, legs, private areas (asshiq/lustful jinni), eyes and throat, 7 parts in my body (kindly make dua for recovery).

I had first session w/ brother Abu Zaid in Texas where he performed ruqya (authentic – no mother’s name, no amulets, no physical or mental torture, no surprises, no demand for money – Mashallah he’s to the point and gets to work. My head was driving me crazy w/ infliction in head and I was having strong suicidal thoughts. Brother Abu Zaid had me lay down and read beautiful Qur’anic recitation for almost 2 hrs, and gave ruqyah olive oil (extra virgin) and senna leaves. He suggested i get hijama done on my head and see him next day for another session. He also did psychotherapy by mentioning i’ve to own this battle and put up a fight. He weakened the jinns by will of ALLAH SWT and our job is to continue listening to ruqyah to beat the evil.

Unlike some full-time Raaqis that usually charge, Brother Abu Zaid offers this free service part time (for sake of ALLAH SWT) and to help oppressed people like us. Hence, it’s very important to stay patient and wait for his response. While you wait for his response, PLEASE PLEASE do not chase raaqis that ask questions like “are you financially stable?”, “Can you afford?” “You’ve a major problem”, “what’s your mother’s name or full name” or those who overemphasize by saying, “their treatment involves no shirk and they’re against magicians” – you would be surprised some of them seek help of jinn to enter more jinns inside you so you could keep coming back to them and they look and dress and talk like authentic raaqis but they are not.

This service is great. May ALLAH SWT shower HIS countless blessings to brother Abu Zaid and his family. May ALLAH SWT also protect him and his family from all types of evil. Ameen!

Adnan H

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Service Terms and Conditions

All service recipients must meet the requirements below : 

  1. Submit the Patient form prior to requesting an appointment. 
  2. Patients must have a confirmed appointment. 
  3. Patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian. 
  4. Female patients must be in Hijab & be accompanied by a mahram. 
  5. Cancellation permitted 72 hours prior to appointment without penalty. 
  6. Cancellations under 72 Hours prior to appointment will incur a fee of $20.00 
  7. Review and agree to service Terms, Conditions, Consent and Waivers.  
  8. All requests are subject to approval. 
  9. Signed Service Terms, Conditions Signed Waiver  



 I present to EPIC Ruqyah Center and consent to treatment of the Ruqyah provider on duty and whomever they may designate as their assistant, associate and patient care staff. This treatment may encompass various approaches, including Ruqyah recitation, acupressure, use of spittle, blowing air, tactile contact, recommendations on use of herbs, oils, aroma therapy, massages, cupping  and the provision of spiritual advice during the course of care. I am aware that no assurances have been given or can be given regarding the outcomes of treatments or consultations, and I fully comprehend that all interventions carry inherent risks. 


I acknowledge that I am accountable for and will cover the portion of expenses incurred. I commit to settling the entire amount indicated on my billing statement promptly, unless alternative payment agreements have been established with EPIC Ruqyah Center. It is our established protocol that all outstanding fees must be settled before the commencement of services. 


I authorize the release of my records & information to:   

  1. Medical providers, agents of another healthcare facility if transfer to another facility is required.   
  1. Religious, educational or scientific institutions, on anonymous basis, The patient agrees that in all instances, the original records remain the property of EPIC Ruqyah Center.  



How we handle your  information: We may use and disclose your information. We use information about you for treatment, for administrative purposes, and to evaluate the quality of service that you receive. For example, your Information may be shared with other providers to whom you are referred. Information may be shared by paper, mail, electronic mail, fax, or other methods. We may use or disclose your information without your authorization for several reasons. But beyond those situations, we will ask for your written authorization before using or disclosing your Information. If you sign an authorization to disclose Information, you can later revoke it to stop any future uses and disclosures.   


 I understand that my/my child(ren) condition requires Ruqyah treatment. I consent to and authorize Ruqyah treatment as directed by the Ruqyah practitioner and his/her consultants, associates and assistants. I authorize ERC, employees, volunteers and others as necessary to carry out the instructions of the Ruqyah practitioner with respect to the procedures and treatment they have ordered. I understand that ERC does not provide any medical advice or treatment and it may be necessary for representatives of outside health care companies to assist in my/my child(ren) care.  I also understand student and others in professional training programs and volunteers may be among the individuals who provide Ruqyah service to me/my child(ren). I understand that in connection with my/my child(ren) treatment, photos or videos may be taken.  

NO GUARANTEE: I acknowledge that no guarantees or warranties have been made with respect to treatment to be provided at this Center to me/my child(ren).  

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